High Power Pro Audio
OEM Amplifier Modules


Two CMS providers in China produce our line of amplifier modules. One CMS specializing in high-mix low-volume production in Suzhou China. The other CMS is VTech, specializing in high-volume low-mix production in Dongguan China.

Pro Audio is a focus market for one of VTech's divisions and they are now one of the world's largest and most proficient CMS for this particular industry. Factory visit to Pascal's production line at VTech is possible upon request.

All Pascal's CMS partners comply with the highest quality assurance and environmental standards (ISO9001/ISO14001/ISO13485).

Quality Control

All amplifier modules goes through several quality tests in the production lines.

The final assembled amplifier module must pass between 100-200 (dependent on product) end-of-line test steps, in Pascal's fully automatic and custom designed test systems.

These test systems are designed by Pascal's own test and quality engineers, who can access all measured data, for all test steps, for all amplifier modules produced.

All amplifier modules are tagged with unique barcodes, which are also logged in the test systems.This enables full traceability for any produced amplifier module.

This unique system ensures extremely tight quality loops, securing a high overall quality level.

Ultra modern machinery for SMT in the production line.

Assembly of the S-PRO2 amplifier module.