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Pascal introduces power scalability with S-PRO extension modules

September 2014

Pascal A/S Copenhagen, Denmark. Pascal has announced the launch of two new extension modules for its highly popular S-PRO2 power amplifier module, with immediate availability: the 2 x 500 watt S-A2 and 1x 500 watt S-A1. The new boards enable a range of new highly cost effective power configurations for self-powered and multi-channel amplifier applications.

The S-A2 and S-A1 boards function as additional identical amplifier output channels for the S-PRO2 module, powered by the S-PRO2 power supply. Pascal UMAC™ class-D technology ensures that any S-PRO2 + S-A1/2 configuration delivers true audiophile performance, with high signal-to-noise, ultra-low distortion and exemplary frequency response specifications. While Pascal UREC™ power supply technology and PFC functionality provides universal mains and regulation, for worldwide AC mains compatibility and consistent power performance.

With the new extension modules, the industry leading S-PRO series now offers a wide range of scalable power rating and output channel configurations for OEM self-powered and other integrated amplification applications; specifically sound reinforcement and portable PA speaker cabinets, high-end studio monitor speakers, installation distributed 19" rack amplifiers, and home theatre 19" rack amplification.

Typical applications for the new extension boards are for PA speaker cabinets with 2 or 3-way power configurations, deploying the S-PRO2 in bridged configuration with the addition of an S-A1 or S-A2 module providing either 500 or 1000 watts to the LF section.

In high-end self-powered studio monitors, addition of an S-A1 or S-A2 module to a bridged S-PRO2 configuration, will provide either 3x or 4x 500 watts per channel power systems. In distributed 19" rack and home entertainment rack systems, a single S-PRO2 + S-A2 configuration will provide 4 channel (250 - 500 watt) outputs (at 8 - 4 Ohm load), or 8-channel outputs with a dual S-PRO2 + S-A2 configuration. For home and private cinema surround sound applications, dual S-PRO2 + S-A2 + S-A1 module configurations will provide 7-channel (250 - 500 watt) outputs.

Commenting on the expansion of the company's leading power amplifier series, Sales Director Peter Frentz stated, "We were the first to introduce the world smallest 1000 W amplifier module with the S-PRO2, which is today an acknowledged blockbuster in the pro audio market. With the new S-A2 and S-A1 extension boards, we bring a new level of competitive advantage to our customers, in performance, price and time to market."

Download the new S-PRO Series product flyer for more information on the S-PRO series product page.

Left S-A2, middle S-PRO2, right S-A1 extension module.