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Update of S-PRO2 Amplifier Module for new power configurations.

December 2013

The S-PRO2 amplifier module has been updated for new power configurations, such as 1000 W @ 4 Ohm or 725 + 275 W.

1000 W @ 4 Ohm in bridge mode
Up until now, the S-PRO2 module could in bridge mode provide 1000 W @ 8 Ohm, but now it is also possible to get 1000 W @ 4 Ohm impedance. This is useful for applications that specifically requires 4 Ohm operation, such as bass guitar amps, powered mixers etc.

725 + 275 W power configuration
At 2.7 Ohm impedance the S-PRO2 can provide 725 W from a single channel. This could be useful for 2 way speakers, where you need more power for the LF section than the HF section.

World Leading Efficiency
We are proud to announce the S-PRO2 is verified to offer up to 89% system efficiency (PFC + power supply + output stages + aux. power supply). This is to our knowledge the best system efficiency in the world for an amplifier module in this power range. The high efficiency allows for costs savings through reduces cooling requirements.

Download the new S-PRO2 product flyer for more information on the S-PRO2 product page.

S-PRO2 Amplifier Module providing 1000W (bridge mode) @ 4 Ohm as well as 8 Ohm load.