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Pascal introduces new T-PRO Series amplifier modules, featuring unique asymmetrical power ratings

June 2015

Pascal has announced the launch of its new T-PRO Series amplifier modules, a dedicated design - optimized for ultra compact high SPL integrated power applications - including asymmetrically rated 2-way power channels.

T-PRO is designed to fulfil specific requirements for ever more compact high powered speaker cabinets, and for integration within low profile applications such as sub bass cabinets and other compact amplifier components. The series boasts a unique feature set and ultra compact form factor, relative to its power ratings.

The T-PRO2's 500 W + 150 W two channel asymmetrical power rating is unique and configured for high performance 2-way loudspeakers in this power range. While, at just 42 mm high, the 500 W single channel T-PRO1 is intended for applications where a low assembly profile is required or preferred, such as compact hi-fi amplifiers or other AV system components, and for bass guitar amplifiers.

Pascal's proprietary UMAC™ Class-D technology delivers unequalled audiophile specifications, including the highest dynamic range and the lowest distortion performance of any comparable pro audio amplifier. This optimizes the T-PRO Series for pro audio applications, and for use in high-end Hi-Fi and consumer AV products.

The company's UREC™ PFC (Power Factor Correction) power supply technology enables universal AC mains operation, delivering consistent, regulated power worldwide and eliminating susceptibility to local power related reliability issues. The T-PRO Series also boasts the world's best system efficiency, minimizing the requirement for heat sinks and cooling, and contributing to the amplifier's long term reliability.

For advanced applications, auxiliary power is available to feed integrated DSP or analog I/O boards. Readouts of protect/mute, temperature and clip signals are accessible for DSP and network control implementations, and I/O stages. The T-PRO Series features ultra low standby power consumption for EuP2013 and green energy star compliance, with an Auto Standby/Wake-up feature with selectable time settings.

Additionally, the T-PRO Series has identical interfacing and identical output voltages to the popular higher current capable S-PRO2 module, making the front-end electronics of both 'plug-and-play' compatible.

Speaking on the launch of T-PRO Series, Senior VP of Business Development Peter Frentz said, "T-Pro Series follows the incredible success in the marketplace of our higher powered S-PRO2. It is, likewise, optimally designed, featured and specified for a particular product class; fulfilling the increasing demand for higher power and performance from more compact loudspeakers, and other system components. In particular, the T-PRO2 with its asymmetrical power channels, presents manufacturers with a uniquely optimized amplifier module, in terms of application and cost, enabling them to develop significantly higher performance products."

For more information, see the T-PRO Series product page.

T-PRO2 500+150 W (left) and T-PRO1 500 W (right).

T-PRO2 (upper-left) and T-PRO1 (lower-right).