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Update of X-PRO3 Amplifier Module for more power

February 2013

The X-PRO3 amplifier module has been updated in 2 important ways for increased power performance and possibilities

1. The RMS power capability of the 2 mid power channels has been increased to 800 W RMS output @ 4 Ohm each. The output power is now: 2500 + 800 + 800 W @ 4 Ohm

2. It is now possible to bridge the 2 mid power channels. This allows for a power configuration of 2 x 1500 W @ 8 Ohm, which i.e. is very suitable to power high power double driver subwoofers in a cost-effective way.

The update of the X-PRO3 is backward compatible with the previous version as the maximum output voltage remains unchanged.

For more information and to download the updated product flyer, see the X-PRO3 product page.

Updated X-PRO3 Amplifier Module providing up to 2500 + 2 x 800 W