High Power Pro Audio
OEM Amplifier Modules

Special Features

  • Ultra High Power

    Our current range of amplifier modules ranges from 150 to 4.000 watts of total power into 1, 2 or 3 or more channels.
  • Unmatched Audio Specifications

    Thanks to Pascal's proprietary UMAC™ Class-D technology, Pascal amplifier modules deliver unmatched audio specifications in the pro audio industry.
  • Universal Mains

    Pascal's UREC™ power supply technology provides universal mains operation for 120 V and 230 V. The power supply is regulated delivering consistent power world-wide.
  • Fully Self-Protected

    Pascal amplifier modules are fully self-protected. All relevant protection features have been implemented individually for the SMPS and for each amplifier channel.
  • Advanced Readouts for DSP/Network

    In addition to the conventional readouts and auxiliary power, Pascal modules offer advanced real time readouts for fully interfacing to even the most advanced DSP- and network solutions.
  • Market Approved

    Pascal amplifier modules are safety approved and EMC verified for easy market compliance certification.
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