High Power Pro Audio
OEM Amplifier Modules


UMAC™ class-D technology

Pascal's proprietary UMAC™ class-D technology offer unmatched audio specificiations. Benefits of this the UMAC™ technology are:

  • Ultra audiophile sonic performance boasting of the best measurable specifications in market. See performance graphs in data sheets
  • Worlds only Class-D technology without HF damping network thus providing full power bandwidth all the way up to 20 kHz
  • Extremely high efficiency allowing for massive power headroom in a compact form factor

UREC™ power supply technology

Pascal's UREC™ power supply technology offers these benefits:

  • Universal Mains - automaticly adapts to all mains voltages world-wide
  • Regulated power - delivering consistent power everytime
  • Full power bandwidth all the way down below 1 Hz
  • High efficiency for high power in a compact size

Pascal's unique and patented UMAC™ class-D technology offers unsurpassed audio performance and efficiency.